You already know how to buy something. Read on to learn how to rent your clothes and be circular.

choose it

Select the item you like the look of. We’ll deliver it to you and you’ll start renting it for a monthly fee. You can have up to 5 items rented at any time.


Wear it, a lot

Have the item for as long as you like. Every month you hold onto it, we’ll charge your card the monthly fee on the anniversary of when you first ordered it. 


Send it back, whenever

It’s up to you how long you have each item. When you don’t want something anymore, pack it up using the free compostable bag and courier label we gave you and hand it over the counter at an NZ Post shop. You'll stop paying for it once we receive it.


We refresh it

We launder it using environmentally friendly methods, and we'll repair it if needed.


Someone else wears it

It returns to the collection for another person to rent. Because it's re-used rather than discarded there is less waste. And pollution is reduced because another garment doesn't need to be made.


The next stage of life

Once it’s no longer in condition to be a Circular item we’ll manage a solution that keeps its resources in use and we aim to send nothing to landfill.