What is Circular?+

Circular is is a pioneering clothing retailer changing the fashion industry by putting the world we live in, first. Inspired by the circular economy, our mission is to encourage maximum wear and re-use of a garment, which helps reduce waste and offset the harmful effect new clothing production has on the planet - did you know that the fashion industry contributes 10% of all climate change-causing greenhouse gas emissions?

Can I choose to either buy an item or rent it?+

Decisions, decisions... You can buy or rent an item from Circular, it's up to you. If you buy something from Circular it’s the same as when you go shopping – you hand over the cash and you become the owner of the item. When you rent from Circular it’s a bit different. You can use the item as long as you like, but Circular remains the owner of the item. This means that you need to keep the item in good condition (fair wear arising from regular use is okay) and you need to return the item to Circular when you are finished with it.

How long is my rental period?+

It’s up to you! There is no set date you must return an item by. Instead, you decide how long you want to keep using and paying for an item. Just like Netflix, but for clothing.

How does payment work for rental?+

When you order an item you enter your credit or debit card number into our Shopify-driven website, which charges your card every month while you have the item. So, if you rented a harley t-shirt on the 1st of a month and then you decided you wanted to add one of our sports tees to your wardrobe on the 15th of a month, your card will be charged on both the 1st (for the harley t-shirt) and 15th (for the sports t-shirt) of each month going forward. You get charged in advance, just like Netflix. Once we receive an item back from you, we stop the charge to your card - so you won’t be billed again for it.

How many tshirts can I have rented at any one time?+

4! One for every Saturday night dinner party/rave of the month

When do I start being charged for rental items?+

We start charging you the day you place your order. It may take a couple of days to arrive, but rest assured we do this as quickly as possible - we send out items daily and we use the quality CourierPost team.

How do I stop getting charged for my rental item?+

Send it back. If the item arrives with us before your next anniversary date for that item, you won’t be charged another month for it. If it doesn’t arrive in time, you will be charged another month for it.. Charging a month in advance is standard for subscription based services such as Netflix or Spotify.

Where do I send my return back to?+

If you ordered a pre-addressed return label then you don't need to worry about this - the address is already printed on it. However if you are arranging your own return, please return via a tracked service to:

Circular Returns

PO Box 90377

Victoria St West

Auckland 1142


What are the requirements to rent from Circular?+

You will need to be at least 18 years old and have either a NZ drivers license or an NZ passport. We have these requirements because we are a rental business and we need to know who has our clothing at all times. If you don't meet these requirements you are definitely still welcome to buy an item outright from us!

What happens if I damage an item I am renting?+

We know a lot of you will be asking this one. Clothes have a rough life - they put up with a lot. So anything that we consider fair wear arising from regular use is fine. That means things like pilling, the fabric looking older, pinholes developing etc. 

What we can’t accept is major damage - so things like a large stain which doesn’t come out when the item is cleaned, or a rip, etc. If you return an item which has major damage, we will charge you a fee which is calculated based on how many months you've already had the item and what it was originally worth (you can check out this calculation in our t&c). We won’t send the item back to you after this fee is charged so it pays to tell us at hello@circularstore.co.nz as soon as you’ve damaged an item, and we can talk it through.

What happens if I lose a rental item?+

It depends on whether you tell us or not. If you don’t tell us, you’ll keep getting charged the monthly fee (we’ll assume you’re just loving the item too much to return it!). If you do tell us, we’ll charge you a fee, which is calculated based on how long you've already had it and what it was originally worth, so that we can cancel your subscription and you can stop paying.

What if I'm not happy with an item's quality?+

The items you receive from Circular often won’t be in as good condition as if bought from another retail store because they may have already been worn by someone else. The lack of “newness” is kind of the point!

So please allow for this when you receive an item. We let you know when you’re looking at our website what type of condition it is. If the item is clearly damaged (for example, somehow the courier bag has been cut in half along its journey), we will of course refund you for it. Get it touch at hello@circularstore.co.nz if that’s the case. This applies whether you rent an item from us or buy it outright. 

What if the item doesn't suit me?+

Sorry, just like most retail stores, we can’t give refunds for an item not fitting or not looking right. But - unlike a normal retail store if you’re renting the item, just return it to us before its next renewal date, and we’ll stop charging you. There’s no refunds for change of mind or sizing if you buy outright from us either.

What happens if you can’t charge a customer’s card, and they’ve still got the item?+

We’ll keep trying for a few days to charge the card, and we’ll also send reminders to the customer to check the card situation. This scenario is a breach of our terms and conditions, so if it is not sorted out quickly we’ll have to take some more drastic action. We deliberately collect quite a few details about our customers upon sign up so that it is easier for Circular to chase any debts that are owed. We will enlist a debt recovery organisation of our choosing to track down any customers who have defaulted on their payment. We may also publish the bad debt which may affect the defaulted customer’s ability to secure credit from organisations in the future (e.g. credit card, car loan, etc). This is probably not a great outcome for anyone, so we suggest the rules are followed and then we can all carry on with making the world a better place.

Can I buy an item after I have been renting it for a while?+

Maybe! Flick us a note and we’ll look into it.

What’s this tag inside the tee with a QR code on it?+

Please don’t remove that! We use that to track the t-shirt, so we know where it is, what it is and what condition it left us in. It is made of the same stuff regular clothing care tags are made of, so it will be  fine in your washing machine.

How compostable is the packaging my t-shirt(s) comes in?+

Very. Both the package and the label is compostable in your home compost. We use compostable packaging materials from a couple of New Zealand companies. Ecobags supply the compostable courier bags and The Better Packaging Co’s supply our compostable labels (you’d be surprised how many people put non-biodegradable labels on compostable courier bags!). We also use a thermal printer to transfer your address onto the label, so no harmful ink is present on the labels either. One more thing - we’ve even made it easy for you to re-use the courier bag before it is composted (maybe for when you are returning an item!) because there is a second unused adhesive strip inside the bag. 

If you’re all about sustainability, why are you selling clothing outright?+

It’s going to be tough to convince some of you that renting clothing is the future of the clothing industry. In the meantime, we’re giving you a choice to rent or buy outright from us.

Can you give me some tips on how to care for my t-shirts?+

We’re glad you’re interested in this! An easy way to be more sustainable with fashion is to be mindful about how we launder our clothes. Depending on how we do it, washing can wear out our clothing quicker, meaning we need to buy more, as well as release microplastics into the environment. The best approach to reduce your impact on the planet is to a) only wash when you really need to, b) keep the wash cycle as short as possible, c) wash in cold water, and d) use a quality detergent with a bit of fabric softener. This regimen can extend the life of clothing by up to four times.

Tell more more about your vintage t-shirts?+

We work with a range of suppliers to bring you the heat you're looking for! Our tshirts range in eras, from the 80s, 90s and 00s. You'll find a lot of classic single stitch, 50/50s, etc in our collection